1. loviely:




    Cat audition for Sabrina the Teenage Witch for the role of Salem

    i love this

    new favorite photo

    i really wonder which one won omg

    Look at the clothes those people are wearing. Does it look like this was taken in the goddamn 1990s? No.

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  2. patagonia:

    Vote the Environment is a crowd-sourced art campaign inviting artists to create designs expressing why they believe the environment should be #1 in the upcoming election and to inspire young people to vote.

    Prints by Eric Junker & Alyssa Winans

    Click here for more : Vote The Environment


  3. twerkspotting:

    ~*~soft white trash~*~*

    This is my halloween costume.

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  4. See you soon, Dallas. #homenothome wish you were here @morganduh (at Boston Logan International Airport)


  5. A #pint where the American Revolution was planned. Well…sort of. It was near here. #boston (at The Green Dragon)


  6. Brooklyn boulders… In boston. #climbing




  9. I forget: Are any of you climber folks that follow me in the Massachusetts area?